Performer spots are NOT held until registration fees have been paid.  Please also note your name and performer name on your payment.  Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Registration fee ($35) includes 2 day pass to the event!

ALL performers (except special workshop instructors) are required to pay registration fee regardless of titles or community standings.  We want to make this a fair and inclusive show.  Thank you all so much for your support.

Spots are first come first serve.  We will keep a few performers on an alternate list in the event some is not able to perform - alternate performers are not required to pay a registration fee unless a spot becomes open to them.

Performers may only perform once as either a group or a solo, group performers may not perform as a group then as a solo - this is to ensure we can fit in as many performers as possible. 

Music must be submitted no later than 2/28/13.  Keep in mind your performance is being taped use your own best judgement on selections.

Music may not exceed 4:00 for ALL performers.  Music editing available for an additional fee of $15.

Performance attire:  Burlesque/Polesque dancers may strip down to full bottoms and pasties, all other performers must wear at minimum a bikini top and bottoms - NO G-STRINGS.

Pole Performers will be using 1 45mm static X-stage Lite and 1 spinning 50mm X-stage. Spin mode may not be swapped. 

Aerial silks, lyra (hoop) and trapeze will be provided for aerial performers to use courtesy of Pole Addiction & Aerial Dragonfly studio, rigging will be done from beams.  If you need to bring your own apparatus or have an unusual apparatus please contact or  Please note ALL rigging is done by Pole Addiction & Aerial Dragonfly.

Aerial silks performers - please note you have exactly 13'7 of performance space, if you are unsure of any moves please check out and make arrangements with Jessica Reynolds to practice your tricks at Pole Addiciton as they have the exact height of equipment. 

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