Create your own allstar team of 4 and join us for an exciting relay race.

How it works:

Teams of 3 or 4 will be given a series of moves to do. Each team member will perform 1 pole move, 1 floor sequence to the other pole, 1 more more pole move, put on a pair of ankle strap high heels, carry an egg on a spoon across the room to the next team member.

Teams will be scored on fluidity, flow, costume & technique for 50% of their score
SPEED accounts to the other 50% of the score!

The fastest, fluid team WINS! Each team will be performing ALL of the same choreography. All choreography is at a beginner level. 

Relay race example:

1st Team Member will for EXAMPLE do:

A Fireman
Sexy Crawl
Get up Sexy on the 2nd Pole
Step around to a back bend
Throw on ankle strap shoes
Grab spoon & Egg
Return the spoon & Egg to the pole cleaner on the other side of the stage!

Team sign up & more scoring info coming soon!

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