Hosted by Michigan Pole Dance, Inc


March 22 - 24/2013

 The Motor City Pole Dance Competition


The Motor City : Midwest Regional Elite - Semi Finals
The Motor City : TNA (Theatrics N' Artistry Division)

Submission videos due 1/12/13 11:59CST
Finals will be held Friday March 22, 2013

CLICK HERE for more information!

 Charley's Pole Challenge

Friday March 22. 2013

Join us for a team based relay race!  Build your ALL STAR team of 3-4, can be boys or girls and show us what you've got!

How it works:  Teams will be given 4 sequences, Each team member will perform 2 pole moves, 1 segment of floor work, throw on a pair of high heels and do their best sexy walk with a spoon and an egg over to the next team member!

50% of proceeds go to benefit the March of Dimes.

Get ready, get your team, name them and polish up those beginner moves! 

Pole photo Shoots!!!

Join legendary Pole Photographer Don Curry

Info & pricing coming soon!

Shoots are by appointment only!

Photo:  Don Curry Midwest Pole Dance Competition


Join us for an amazing weekend of shows, workshops, games, prizes and Charley's Pole challenge!

Special Guests:
Michelle Mynx
Aerial Amy
Nadia Sharif
David Owen!!!!!

Performer Registration Tentatively set for 1/19/13!

Daily Pass $35/day
Weekend Pass $50
Performer Reg $35

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